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LiveSpot Proximity Marketing
What is it?
LiveSpot Proximity Marketing enables businesses to connect with a specific group of people, within a specific radius.
How does it work?
As consumers enter the specified “zone”, they will receive information from you through Bluetooth technology.

Setting it up
We will work with you to identify a suitable mobile broadcast technology. On-site at the “zone”, we set up a transmitter that will beam your information to all phones within the specified area.
Using it
You may choose to publicise the “zone” so consumers make the conscious decision to enter the space and receive information being aired. This tactic can also be used to increase footfall.
Alternatively, you can take an ambient approach, and transmit the information the moment customers enter the specified “zone”.
  • Highly targeted marketing because you are able to identify specific “zones”
  • Ability to reach a captive audience and ride on the fact they are within the “zone” for similar reasons, hence higher sales conversion rates
  • Broadcast can be easily turned on or off
Some ideas to get you started…
  • If your company manages a shopping mall and you would like to increase footfall in shops, Proximity Marketing could be used to broadcast promotional information to shoppers. The information you provide helps consumers navigate shops and deals for a better shopping experience.
  • Within a conference setting, LiveSpot Proximity Marketing can be used to alert attendees to particular tracks or talks.
  • Invigorate dating services – hold a roadshow and broadcast clientele details for an instant match! Example: Welcome to LoveLife’s Instant Match Roadshow. Introducing: 35yo prof male non-smoker seeking 30-40yo female for commitment. Into art, finance and travel. Interested? Meet our Cupids now!
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