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LiveSpot Mobile ID
What is it?
LiveSpot Mobile ID replaces the need for conventional ID by issuing customers a unique mobile identification in the form of SMS, MMS or barcode.
How does it work?
We generate a unique mobile identification which customers can store on their phone for easy reference and identification anytime, anywhere.

Setting it up
Depending on the level of authentication required, LiveSpot creates special mobile identification in the form of SMS, MMS or barcode which can be accessed and read on standard mobile phones.
Using it
You may choose to issue mobile IDs solely or allow customers to choose a preferred form of identification when signing up for your club or product.
  • Lost cards are no longer an issue - even if members accidentally delete their mobile cards, they can easily request for it to be re-issued to their mobile phones by sending a text message
  • Customers can still prove their membership even if they forget their wallets
  • The ability to integrate barcodes means no additional infrastructure and cost is required to verify LiveSpot IDs
  • Cut out paper and printing costs
Some ideas to get you started…
  • Incorporate LiveSpot Mobile ID into VIP access at events and clubs for convenience, style and sophistication.
  • Replace reward and loyalty cards with mobile IDs.
  • Enhance ticketing systems by offering mobile tickets using LiveSpot Mobile ID.
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