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LiveSpot Info On-Demand
What is it?
LiveSpot Info On-Demand allows people to seek and receive information on your brand, product or service by texting the request to a premium number.

How does it work?
The respondent sends an SMS or MMS request to a premium number, and within seconds, receives the information on his or her mobile phone.
Setting it up
LiveSpot works with you to create the necessary request codewords for your campaign, and allocate a premium number that respondents will text to.
Using it
All you will need to do next is incorporate texting details into advertising and promotions collateral.
  • Rapid turnaround – requested information is provided within seconds
  • Mobile element has the power to transform static advertising into highly interactive stations
  • Easily integrated into current advertising outlets in all media
  • Does not cost more to integrate into copy
  • LiveSpot provides statistical data on requests to assist you with quantitative campaign evaluation

Some ideas to get you started…

  • Introduce a new level of curiosity to teaser campaigns. Encourage interaction by getting respondents to text keywords for clues that reveal more about your campaign. Tip:  a good way of reinforcing your brand is to use keywords associated with it.
  • If your promotions collateral features discounts, consumers can easily text to obtain the coupon. They simply present the mobile coupon at the point of transaction to qualify for the discount. (Barcode coupons can be issued to facilitate the standard checkout process)
  • Interact with consumers while you have their audience. Where you would usually place “Visit us at”, display texting details too, so they can find out more about your company or product instantly.
  • Heard a good song on the radio and wonder what it’s called? Radio stations can provide a service that allows listeners to get the titles of songs by simply sending a message to the station’s designated number.
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