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LiveSpot Classifieds
What is it?
LiveSpot Classifieds allow people to seek and receive further details, particularly images of the advertised product or service by using their mobile phone.
How does it work?
The classifieds advertiser places his or her listing as usual with your business, and is then offered the option of enhance it with MMS features. For advertisers who select this option, images are obtained, and a generated ID features alongside the listing. Example: $250pw Perth City 2-bed, 1-bath apmt for rent. River views, good access. ID: 12345
The respondent who is viewing the listing can text its specific ID to a premium number, and within seconds, receives the images corresponding to the classified advertisement on his or her mobile phone.
Setting it up
MMS Classifieds details can be hosted on LiveSpot’s servers for mobile retrieval. Alternatively, we can integrate the mobile retrieval with your existing systems. LiveSpot will also provide you with a premium number for respondents to text IDs to.
Using it
As the classifieds provider, you will need to place IDs alongside relevant listings and indicate the premium number to text such IDs to.
  • Mobile element has the power to transform static advertising into highly interactive stations
  • Easily featured in classified advertisements across all media
  • Can be integrated with the classifieds placement system your business is using
  • Can be offered as an enhancement to customers placing advertisements
  • Quantitatively track impressions on listings

Some ideas to get you started…

  • Real estate listings with images can be expensive, and most listings remain word-only for that reason. By providing texting details within a word-only listing, advertisers get more value out of their listing, and a more thorough viewership by home hunters. Rental listings, almost always restricted to word-only listings, can now incorporate pictures too. The ability to view properties is especially convenient to home hunters on the move.
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