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LiveSpot Bulk Messaging
What is it?
LiveSpot Bulk Messaging mechanism allows you to broadcast messages to large audiences.
How does it work?
Bulk messaging brings your single message directly to the mobile phone of your entire database.

Setting it up
Our bulk messaging system is available to registered customers from the LiveSpot website. All you need are login details to access the system and broadcast your message. You can import your contact database onto our online system for use in your bulk messaging campaigns.
Using it
Once you’ve logged into our online bulk messaging system, you have the ability to select the type of mobile message, define the content, set up messaging frequencies and specify groups to target within your database.
  • Fast, efficient way of connecting and building a relationship with each of your customers
  • Convenient way to send large volumes of text to masses
  • Unlike flyers, the spill-over effect from LiveSpot’s bulk messaging is environmentally friendly, no waste is produced
  • A great technique to kick-off a viral campaign, with a pass-in-on effect
  • Is Internet-based, so no additional infrastructure is required
  • Easy migration of details onto LiveSpot’s bulk messaging system
  • The system keeps track of your bulk messaging campaigns and activities
  • Customers can opt-out anytime
Some ideas to get you started…
  • Issuing mini-newsletters with concise news about your company or product.
  • Issuing loyalty club members updates, special deals and news relating to their membership.
  • Broadcasting an offer - people who choose to take on the promotion can simply present the text at the point of transaction to qualify for discounts.
  • Broadcasting a freebie or coupon – your database contacts are very quick to pass the word around to friends and family at the convenience of their mobile phone.
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