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Augmented Reality
What is it?
AR is a highly visual medium that presents location-based information in a colourful, interactive format. A LiveSpot AR application is built with optimal end-user experience in mind. This translates to an intuitive, practical and functional application for the customer, and a reputable, cutting-edge medium for your business to own.

How does it work?
The Augmented Reality (AR) medium is turning the conventional search technique on its head. People no longer have to view websites or run searches to track down real estate listings or find the closest amenities. Instead, they simply point their GPS enabled phones in a particular direction to find local information. The technology works by matching a phone's GPS details with the targeted information we overlay onto locations.


Setting it up
LiveSpot works with you to create the necessary Augmented Reality mobile custom application for your campaign. We are proud to be able to present live demos for our AR offering as we understand clients' needs to visualise applications from the user's point of view.
  • AR is a user-intiated pull mechanism - it is your customers that make the conscious decision to sweep products and services in a particular area
  • By its very nature, AR has an instant turnaround, providing customers information on demand, anytime, anywhere
  • LiveSpot's AR applications allow you to interact with your customers while you have their audience - we are able to fully customise applications with interactive features for optimal impact
  • The AR space is a highly targeted medium, allowing you to display location-specific information
  • Application usage rates can be monitored for quantitative campaign evaluation 
Some ideas to get you started…
  • Are you a bank, food outlet or pharmacy? Map your outlets across the world! Not only do customers become aware of your presence in the area, they find your stores quicker with built-in walking and driving directions.
  • Place promotional coupons across a zone for customers to snap up on-route and use in store
  • Introduce a new level of curiosity to teaser campaigns by encourage respondents to point their mobile phone in different directions - AR applications can be used to display clues that reveal more about your campaign
  • Use AR to direct clients from maps to your website
With almost every phone sold today being 3G-enabled, take advantage of AR to point customers in your direction.
Get in touch with LiveSpot today for a live demonstration on AR-use for your business.
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